Friday, April 29, 2011

Technology, Law, and the Workplace: Week in Review

This Week in Review comes to you from the ABA Symposium on Technology in Labor & Employment Law. The presentations have been diverse and interesting, exploring the cutting edge of technology in labor and employment law. The presentations have run the gamut, from issues with trade secrets to social media in the global workplace to a survey on the latest electronic invaders in the workplace. (You can read my paper on robotic technology in the workplace here.)

I'll report back in future weeks on some of the topics we've discussed at the symposium. In the meantime, enjoy this Week in Review!

Technology in the Workplace
Technology and the Law More Generally
Technology in the News
  • Philadelphia Launches Anti-Corruption iPhone App (Fast Company)
  • Iran Discovers New Cyberattack (NY Times)
  • Apple and Google Use Phone Data to Map the World (NY Times)
  • Facebook Is Latest Rival to Groupon and LivingSocial (Bits)

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