Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Technology, Law and the Workplace: Week in Review (The Fire Sale Edition)

The headline news this week is the report from The National Labor Relations Board summarizing recent social media opinions and offering additional guidance.   Analysis from commentators and bloggers is only beginning to appear online, and we will be sure to include the most relevant and incisive articles in future postings.  Our impressions are posted just below.

In the broader world of technology, HP's decision to stop producing Web OS products and sell their TouchPad tablet at the fire sale price of $99 prompted comments from legions of tech bloggers.  The most concise explanation of the significance of the sudden popularity of the TouchPad is offered here.

Technology in the Workplace

The Federal Labor Law Guide to Social Media (non)Compliance (Employer Handbook)

Tweet Freely! Employers Get Some Guidance About Social Media (Employment & Labor Insider)

More Guidance from the NLRB: When Must an Employer Not Fire an Employee for an Offensive Facebook Post (Workplace Privacy Counsel)

Nodody Wants to Made an Example of - Crafting Social Media Policies (Social Media Blog)
Board Revisits Register Guard Email Case (Labor Relations Counsel)

Technology and the Law More Generally

Fired First Year Lawyer Sues for $77M; Emailed Partners That Firm Didn't Appreciate His "Superior Legal Mind" (ABA Journal)

In Germany, Facebook's Like Button Declared Illegal (The Local)

The FTC vs. Google: Who are you Going to Call? (Legal Bytes)

Technology this Week

A Simple Explanation for Why HP Abandoned Palm and is Getting Out of the PC Business (Daring Fireball)

Report: Tablet Market to Belong to iOS, Android Through 2017 (NY Times)

Federal Push For Cloud Technology Draws Skepticism (NY Times)

From HP To Amazon, the Tablet Dilemma: Go Big or Go Home (Wired)

Compiled and contributed by Scott Raver

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