Friday, September 23, 2011

Technology, Law and the Workplace: Week in Review (The Borne Back Ceaselessly Edition)

"Can't repeat the past? . . . Why of course you can!"

The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald

This week, we thought we'd catch up on some trends and themes visited over the last several months in this space.

The New York Times featured the trend of employers who allow their employees to choose their own laptops, smartphones, etc. for work purposes, a trend we'd mentioned a few months back.

Hewlett Packard fired its CEO and hired Meg Whitman, formerly of Ebay.  The Wall Streeet Journal asks whether HP's board has historic qualities.

Research in Motion, maker of the Blackberry, continues to struggle.

Apple will introduce an iPhone at an October media event.  What exactly the new iPhone will offer is, of course, both unknown and the subject of many rumors.  Speaking of rumors, Amazon may have a iPad competitor to announce in September.

Finally, we've discussed employers using social media for screening new employeesHow about retaining current employees

Technology in the Workplace

How to Deal with Facebook Fits and Twitter Tirades (i-Sight Blog)

Technology and the Law More Generally
  • Ethics 20/20 Commission Fine Tunes Proposal on Technology, Outsourcing (ABA Journal)
  • FINRA Publishes Guidance for Securities Broker Use of Social Media (FINRA)
  • Social Media Site Topix Gets One Subpoena a Day for Email Addresses of Anonymous Commenters (ABA Journal)
  • America Invents: New Changes to Patent Law (IP Watchdog)
  • New Patent Law Could be Disastrous for Tech Entrepreneurs (Intellectual Property

Technology this WeekGoogle Launches Google Wallet (Google Blog)
  • Facebook is Ready for Your New Closeup.  Are You? (Wired)
  • Spotify Drops Invite Only and Adopts Six Month Free Trial (TechCrunch)
  • YouTube Tests DIY 3D (YouTube)
Compiled and Contributed by Scott Raver

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