Friday, September 30, 2011

Technology, Law and the Workplace: Week in Review (The Privacy Edition)

Privacy is the issue of the week, as we attempt to keep up with a litany of exciting/alarming/fascinating developments.

One of the more interesting reads of the week is a blog post from the Harvard Business Review that describes the implications for employees, job seekers and companies of Facebook's newest feature, Timeline.  Timeline is Facebook's vehicle for creating a user biography in words, photos, video, music, etc.  How much of your biography do you want your colleagues to see?  A potential employer?  

In the European Union, plans continue to propose "right to be forgotten" regulations.  This post explains the proposed right. 

Hackers are aiming more energy at smartphones, the repositories of so many personal and financial details. 

In other news, Amazon has announced the pending release of several new Kindles.  The Kindle Fire, an Android tablet priced at $199, is aimed directly at potential iPad buyers.  The Kindle Fire will likely excel at media consumption tasks (reading books, watching movies, streaming music, playing simple games like Angry Birds) but lacks the features and performance that allow the iPad to function as a passable alternative for a laptop.  Some comentators believe that if the Kindle Fire is well executed, the iPad may have its first true rival. 

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