Friday, October 14, 2011

Technology and the Workplace: Week in Review (Watching the Trends Edition)

As we follow the tech trends in this space, the fortunes of Google and Apple continue to grow and, alas, RIM, the maker of Blackberry, continues to struggle.  Blackberries remain an integral part of many workplaces, but it is clear that a growing number of employers will allow, provide or encourage employees to choose other devices, and that the Blackberry's share of the corporate marketplace will, at least in the near future, continue to tumble.   Privacy, security and training issues for employers are all impacted by the choice of smartphone device.   This is a trend we will continue to watch.

A number of commentators have constructed summaries of the the NLRB's social media opinions; a brief but useful one is featured below, along with a link to an audio clip of the NLRB's Acting General Counsel discussing the issue.  It is worth a read and a listen. 
Technology in the Workplace
Technology and the Law More Generally
Technology this Week
  • Stanford Research Unveils Latest Internet Privacy Study (Inside Privacy)
  • Blackberry Outage Spurs Law Firm to Consider Switch (ABA Journal)
  • All Apologies: NetFlix v. RIM in Mea Culpa Matchup (Fast Company)
  • iPhone 4s Sales May Reach 4 Million This Weekend (Business Week)
  • Microsoft Acquisition of Skype Now Official (Mashable)
  • Google Chrome Could Beat Firefox by Year-End (PC World)
Compiled and Contributed by Scott Raver

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