Friday, October 28, 2011

Technology in the Workplace: Week In Review (Generation Edition)

Technology can change faster than policies, procedures and people. There is a gap between how generations work and communicate - yet they have to work together. The articles here focus on the newest ways we use technology in our lives and workplace, and whether the new is better than the old.

Technology and the Workplace
Only those 35 and Younger, Gen Y Capital Partners Fund Young Tech Entrepreneurs Only (TechCrunch)
When Will Employees be Replaced by Robots? In New York Casinos, Now. (Gizmodo)
Employees and Ipads: Bonuses, Gifts and Hearing Aid Adjusters? (Star Tribune)
Technology and the Law
U.S. Supreme Court Justices, Communication by Hand-Delivered Memo (ABA Journal)
Largest U.S. Telecommunications Company, AT&T Settles Nationwide Age 
Discrimination Suit (Inside Counsel)

There's an App for That
Writing, Typewriter v. The Amazing Typewriter App (Gizmodo)
Cars, Going to the Dealership v. Dynolicious (NY Times)
Business Influence, Real Clout v. Klout (Mashable)
Books, Book Club v. Subtext (Gizmodo)

Compiled and Contributed by Larie A. Pampuch

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