Friday, November 4, 2011

Week in Review: What Can Go Wrong?

As written about previously on this blog, there has been a major shift recently from closed source work technology to open source work technology. Many employers are allowing their employees to use their own personal devices, be it smartphone, tablet or laptop, at work. From the employer’s side this can increase productivity, but can create confidentiality issues. Also to be taken into account are technology problems. The more power and control technology has over our lives the more vulnerable we are to viruses, mistakes and software problems. What can go wrong? Many things.

Technology and the Law
Apple Files Suit Against Cybersquatters (InsideCounsel)
E-Documents get E-Discovery get E-Review (InsideCounsel)

Technology and the Workplace
IPhone 4S, Siri Won’t Talk to Me (Wired)        
Employees Use Social Media to Quit Their Jobs (MNLaborEmployment)
Top Ten Threats to Your Smartphone (SecurityNewsDaily)
Dangers of an Automated Job Search (EmploymentLawBits)
Social Networking Mistakes (InformationWeek)
There’s An App for That
Mo, Every Possible Way You Could Get There (FastCompany)
2Houses, Co-Parenting after Divorce or Separation (TechCrunch)
Square Card Case, Hands Free Payment in Store (9to5mac)
Created and Compiled by Larie A. Pampuch

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