Friday, November 11, 2011

Week in Review: Women in the Workplace Edition

The work of those in highly visible positions (political figures, executives, business owners and litigants) is subjected to a great deal of public scrutiny. Women who are in these roles are no exception, and views about their performance, strengths, weaknesses and personality are widely discussed in the media. The articles below discuss some of the current technological and legal issues that have come up this week, both those involving women and the world at large.  

Technology and the Workplace

The Newest Tech Start-Ups and the Women Who Founded Them (Forbes)

The Most Powerful Woman in Technology (NYTimes)

Sexual Harassment in the Technology Driven Era (NYTimes)

A Way to Support Women in Afghanistan? Buy Goods from Their Website (FastCompany)

When Gender Bias Against Women Turns Them Against Each Other (ABA)

Accounting Firm and Gender Discrimination (LawBits)

Technology and the Law

Twitter Accounts, People Have No Reasonable Expectation of Privacy (Wired)

Seven Arrested in Large Cybercriminal Arrest (Trendmicro)

Sanctions Imposed When Phone Video Provides Evidence of Untruth  (TheState)

Details of the Legal Support Staff Survey (Forbes)

Destruction of a Facebook Page is Sanctionable (Above the Law)

There's An App for That

Lucky, Their Mission? To Help Women Shop (Mashable)

Luluvise, Communicating with Women (TechCrunch)

Hoseanna, Subscription Delivery for Women (Mashable)

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