Friday, December 30, 2011

Week in Review (The Holiday Edition)

Interesting developments touching on technology in the workplace, and regarding employment law issues generally, don’t take a year-end break for the holidays.  Indeed, those work-related holiday gatherings have been known to be fertile breeding grounds for employment difficulties --but don’t get us started on that.  In this two week, holiday season Week in Review, we provide you with a virtual smorgasbord of linked articles heavy on interest, but light on calories.  Enjoy and see you next year.

Technology and the Workplace
Numerous American Businesses Plan to Deploy iPads in the Workplace in 2012 (Softpedia)
Do Your Social Media Accounts Belong to Your Business? (Social Media Law Blog)
Employee Bathroom Surveillance Camera, Although Faulty, Could be Invasion of Privacy (LawMemo)
Tech Firm Implements Zero Employee Email Policy (ABC News)
Social Media Best Practices Video (ConneticutEmployment)
Teacher Terminated for Facebook Post About Students (NPR) (DelawareEmployment)
Employment and Discussion of Unfair Labor Practices on Facebook (EmploymentLawBits)

Technology and the Law
Facebook Faceoff: What Makes a “Like” a Lawsuit? (Anchor Plate)
Data Breach Response: Year in Review (Data Privacy Monitor)
Partial Victory for Apple in Patent Suit Against HTC (BusinessInsider)
Increase in Digital Patient Records Leads to Increase in Security Breaches (NYTimes)
There's An App for That
FedCtRecords App, Court Records Moving from Filing Cabinet to iPhone (ABAJournal)
MyMoneyCircle, The Socialization of Personal Finance (Forbes)
Crosswalk, What Apps Does Another Device Have? (NYTimes)

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