Friday, December 2, 2011

Week In Review

The controversy surrounding Carrier IQ software is evolving rapidly. Carrier IQ software is preinstalled on phones from AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile. Its original purpose was as an analytic tool that would allow carriers to provide better service by recording dropped calls and instances of poor reception. However, the software apparently also records all of a phone's keystrokes. This gives rise to privacy concerns, and a suit has been filed by consumers under the Federal Wiretap Act. Additional problems such as hacking and identity theft are also being addressed in the media. Below are some articles discussing this, and other, changes to our lives and legal system brought on by the introduction of new technology.

Technology and the Law

Video of Carrier IQ Recording Keystrokes (NPR)

Lawsuit Against HTC & Samsung for Use of Carrier IQ Software (Gismodo)

Manufacturers and Carriers that Use Carrier IQ (Engadget)

Intellectual Property, Future v. Present Rights to Innovations (InsideCounsel)

Over a Hundred Cybersquatting Web-Sites Selling Counterfeit Goods Shut-Down (InsideCounsel)

House Bill to Shield Businesses from Liability for Disclosing Cyber-Bullying to Government (InsidePrivacy)

Technology and the Workplace

Skills to Acquire Customers Through Social Media (Mashable)

Former Employee Must Return Social Media Log-In Info to Employer (DelawareEmploymentBlog)

From the Paperless Workplace to the Email-less Workplace (TechCrunch)

There's An App for That

Mobiroos, The App Gift Card (Gadgetwise)

Red Stamp, Smartphone Holiday Cards  (NYTimes)

TheIceBreak, Relationship Knowledge Earns Money (TechCrunch)

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