Thursday, December 15, 2011

Week In Review

This week we see the courts dealing with issues and conflicts that arise from the use of technology. English courts have begun to allow journalists to tweet, email, and go on Facebook during legal proceedings. Writing a negative and harassing blog can be a violation of a restraining order. Facebook connections come under scrutiny if they involve the families of participants in legal proceedings. These and other articles linked below discuss the intersection of technology, law and the workplace.

Technology and the Law

English Courts to Allow Journalists to Use Twitter, Facebook and Email while in Courtroom (Guardian)

Harassment Blog Must Be Deleted:  Violation of Restraining Order (Forbes)

Imitation:  Sincerest Form of Flattery or Violation of Patent (a.k.a. Everyone Wants to Be Apple) (FastCo)

Tech Savvy U.S. Supreme Court Posts Opinion Online Before Official Announcement (ABAJournal)

Judge's Children are Facebook Friends with Defendant's Family:  Is This Enough to Overturn a Conviction? (SunTimes)

Technology and the Workplace

Distracted Doctoring, Brought to You by Smartphones (NYTimes)

What Must a Business Do to Prepare for E-Discovery Changes? (Forbes)

A CEO's Guide to Social Media (FastCo)

There's An App for That

SecureGive:  Donations to Local Church or Red Cross (Forbes)

Food52:  Interactive Holiday Recipe Survival Guide (Food52)

The Holiday Shopping List (Mashable)

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