Friday, January 13, 2012

Week in Review (New Year's Edition)

This week, instead of looking back, we look ahead to the new year. We certainly expect fascinating court decisions about technology and the workplace.  Employers and employees are keeping in line with the New Year’s theme of self-improvement by using technology to make themselves and their workplace more efficient.  And new technology is helping individuals achieve their 2012 goals, from weight loss to learning a musical instrument.  So click away and be inspired to make 2012 the best yet.

Technology and the Law
Can a Court Make You Give Up Your Password? (ABC News)
New Fight Breaks Out Over Digital Rights to Old Books (WSJ)
Americans Take to the Web to Fight Proposed Legislation (Forbes)
Google's New 'Search Plus Your World' Faces Privacy Issues (LA Times) and Antitrust Concerns (NYTimes)
Blawg Tracks Circuit Splits in Search of Issues Bound for Supreme Court (LawSites)

Technology and the Workplace
How to Work From Home Like You Mean It (FastCo)
Can Natural Light Make Employees More Productive? (FastCo)
When an Employer Posts to Employee's Facebook and Twitter Accounts Bad Things Happen (DelawareEmployment)

There’s an App for That
GymPact App Makes Workout Skippers Pay Up (ABC News)
With Enough Bandwidth, Many Join the Band (NYTimes)
Camera Makers Fight Back With Smart Devices (Forbes)

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