Friday, January 27, 2012

Week in Review

This week privacy and technology collide once again.  On Monday the Supreme Court unanimously ruled that the use of a GPS tracking device placed on a suspect's car constituted a search under the Fourth Amendment.  The FBI indirectly announced plans to monitor social networks when it requested information from contractors who might want to build the monitoring system.  But perhaps the largest privacy concerns this week have come from Facebook's announcement that its Timeline format will soon be mandatory.  So once you finish reading the links below, get a plan in place to clean up your Facebook past.

Technology and the Law
Justices Say GPS Tracker Violated Privacy Rights (NYTimes)
Supreme Court Rules that Telemarketers Can Be Sued in Federal Court (ConsumerAffairs)
FBI Releases Plans to Monitor Social Networks (NewScientist)
Motorolla Sues Apple over iPhone 4S, iCloud (WSJ)

Technology and the Workplace
Facebook Timeline Becomes Mandatory, Poses Risk for Employers, Job Seekers
(smartcompany)  (msnbc)
Bridging the Gap Between the CMO and CIO (FastCo)
Is It a Bad Idea to Friend Co-workers on Facebook? How About Your Boss? (Time)
Workers Get PC Gear from Vending Machines (Businessweek)

There's an App for That
Real Bonding with Family Around the TV Using Skype (WSJ)
Photo Archive App Shoebox Fills In Your Facebook Timeline, Starting At Birth (FastCo)
Kids Won't Do Their Chores?  There's an App (or Two) for That (cnet) (FederalNewsRadio)

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