Friday, February 10, 2012

Week in Review

Love is in the air this week as Valentine's Day approaches, and technology is in the news as it continues to impact and influence the development of the law.  A Senate committee approved a bill this week that would allow television access to Supreme Court proceedings.  A Texas court upheld the use of a defendant's MySpace page as evidence in his murder conviction.  The country of Brazil filed suit against Twitter to try to block accounts that warn drivers of speed traps and roadblocks.  And just as the law has collided with technology, Cupid's arrow has struck mobile devices everywhere, producing sweet apps for Valentine's Day.

Technology and the Law
FTC Sued Over Google's Privacy Changes (LawTechnologyNews)
Senate Committee Approves Bill to Put Cameras in High Court (LawTechnologyNews)
Top Texas Criminal Court OKs Use of Defendant's MySpace Pages to Convict Him in Slaying (ABAJournal)
Brazil Sues Twitter in Bid to Ban Speed Trap and Roadblock Warnings (ABAJournal)

Technology and the Workplace
Oklahoma Worker Resigns After Sending Off-Color Email (NewsOK)
Workplace Policies on Tweeting (AtlantaJournal-Constitution)
Update: Who Owns a Company's Twitter Account? (EmploymentMattersBlog)
Bring Your Own Device: How Consumer Products are Impacting IT (Time)
New 'App Economy' Creates Nearly 500,000 Jobs (eWeek) (FoxNews)

There's an App for That
The Best Apps for Valentine's Day (BusinessInsider)
Apps to Help Singles Flirt Their Way to Romance (NYTimes)
The Sweetest Mobile Apps for Valentine's Day (ChicagoTribune)

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