Friday, February 24, 2012

Week in Review

This week technology once again helped and hurt the workplace.  Companies are using cloud computing to save thousands of dollars, but employees still waste countless hours on email and the web.  Meanwhile, new technology is making headlines this week, from Google goggles to an app that locates your iPhone for you.  Plus, rumors are circulating about Microsoft Office on the iPad.  Even if it's not true, a new app will give you access to a Windows 7 desktop from your iPad.

Technology and the Workplace
Should You Send That Email? (FastCo)
Your Facebook Profile Can Predict Your Job Performance (Time)
Company Finds Room to Grow in 'Cloud' (ThePressEnterprise)

Technology and the Law
U.K.'s High Court Allows Service Via Facebook (AmLawDaily)
Apple's China iPad Battle Spreads to U.S. (msnbc)
Tiny Cameras Become Latest Police Weapon (NYTimes)
Apple, Google and Others Reach Agreement on App Privacy (NYTimes)

There's an App for That
Google to Sell Heads-Up Display Glasses by Year's End (NYTimes)
New App Helps Caffeine Drinkers Optimize Their Intake (WTOP) (HuffingtonPost)
Will Microsoft Release Office for the iPad? (PCWorld) (TechNewsWorld) (NYTimes)
Smartphone Security Blankets (NYTimes)
An App Gives You Windows on the iPad and Speedy Internet (NYTimes)

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