Friday, March 16, 2012

Week in Review

This week, technology came with a cost, causing employers to face liability and employees to face job-loss.  A California court held an employer liable for employees' harassing off-duty blog posts.  A North Carolina steakhouse fired a waiter after he posted a photo online showing a generous tip left by Peyton Manning.  A Minnesota school also faces liability for forcing a student to surrender her Facebook password.

Technology and the Workplace
Off-Duty Blogging Creates Employer Harassment Liability (LawfficeSpace)
Steakhouse Waiter Fired for Showing the World What a Great Tipper Peyton Manning Is (DeadSpin)
Employees' Use of Facebook Biggest Time-Suck, According to Recent Survey (OhioEmployer'sLawBlog)
Lenses to Ease Strain from Staring at Screens (NYTimes)

Technology and the Law
Lawsuit Ensues After Minnesota Girl Was Forced to Give Up Her Facebook Password (HuffingtonPost)
Class Action Says Social Network, Game Apps Take Smartphone Info Without Permission (ABAJournal)
$1.5 Million Settlement of First HIPPA Enforcement Action Resulting from HITECH Breach Notification Rule (SecurityPrivacyandtheLaw)
Will the Pinterest "Nopin" Tag Put Online Image Owners on the Defensive on Implied Copyright Licenses? (NewMedia&TechnologyBlog)

There's an App for That
10 Apps to Download for Your New iPad Retina Display (Wired)
Achieving a Runner's High With a Little Data Help (NYTimes)
New App Available in the Fight Against Colon Cancer (MarketWatch)
The CW Launches Mobile App (

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