Friday, March 23, 2012

Week in Review

This week we have six articles involving social media.  Fittingly, one of them asks whether we are all making too much of social media's impact on the workplace.  Serving as an example of social media's impact, a recent survey shows that nearly half of employers conduct social media background checks.  And a New York Times article provides an interesting look at the unique considerations on Wall Street concerning employees' use of social media.

Technology and the Workplace
Is Too Much Being Made of Social Media's Impact on the Workplace? (Conn.EmploymentLawBlog)
Survey Shows 48% of Employers Conduct Social Media Background Checks (employeescreenIQ)
On Wall St., Keeping a Tight Rein on Twitter (NYTimes)
Supreme Court Holds that States Are Immune from Suit for FMLA Violations Related to Self-Care (WorkplaceProfBlog) (FMLA Insights

Technology and the Law
Is Facebook Part of Your Estate? New Laws Debated (TIME)
Veteran Convicted of Threatening Judge on YouTube Now in Trouble over Tweets (ABAJournal)
Counterterrorism Officials to Hold Data on Citizens for Up to Five Years Under New Guidelines(ABAJournal)

There's an App for That
New Facebook App Lets Voters 'Cosponsor' Bills in Congress (ABCNews)
Netflix App Brings Higher-Quality Images to New iPad (WashingtonPost)
New App Aims to Help You Avoid Ticket, Car Theft (Seattlepi)

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