Friday, April 13, 2012

Week in Review

This week brought some protection for employees in their use of work computers and social media.  The en banc Ninth Circuit ruled that employees who violate an employer's computer use policy do not commit a federal crime under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.  But employees should take note that the circuits are split on this issue.  The Maryland legislature also sided with employees by becoming the first state to pass a bill banning employers from requiring social media passwords.  The bill currently awaits the governor's signature.

Technology and the Workplace
9th Circuit Narrows Computer Fraud Law, Protecting Web-Surfing Workers (ABAJournal) (LawfficeSpace)
Maryland Passes Bill to Ban Employers from Requesting Facebook Passwords (Forbes)
Gay Federal Employee Says Facebook "Like" Led to Discrimination, Harassment, and Firing (abcNews)

Technology and the Law
DOJ Files Antitrust E-Book Lawsuit Against Apple and Five Publishers (WSJ) (cbsNews)
Reporter's Tweeted Photo Leads to Mistrial in Topeka Murder Case (ABAJournal)

There's an App for That
Carrier Compare: The iPhone App Your Carrier Doesn't Want You to See (CNNMoney)
New App Makes You Feel Safer (abc2News)
Barnes & Noble Lights Up E-Reader Screen (cbsNews)

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