Friday, April 20, 2012

Week in Review

This week produced more evidence that technology pervades every aspect of our lives, from our work, to our health, to our… dreams? That’s right, there’s an App for that. But don’t lose heart just yet, because this week also saw some pushback against the tech-takeover. In the working world, two Nashville men set out to prove that even television shows have to follow the law in hiring cast members. These men are suing ABC for race discrimination, stating that in the 10 years and 23 combined seasons of "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" there has never been a person of color in the central role. In Portland, a man stripped down all the way to the buff to protest airport screening technology. Officials slapped him with an indecent exposure charge, but he’s claiming his conduct is protected by the First Amendment.

Technology and the Workplace
Lawsuit Claims "Bachelor" Show Discriminates (ABCNews) (CBSNews) (Lawffice Space)
A Reason to Stay Off the Web at Work (CNN)
Social Media Research May Expose Discrimination Claims (InformationWeek)
Gamification Boosts Employee Health, Blue Shield Argues (InformationWeek)

Technology and the Law
New Twitter Patent Policy Gives More Power to Inventors (InsideCounsel)
Lawyer Accused of Breaking Into Ex-Employee's Personal Email is Barred From Using Computer at Work (ABAJournal)
Nude But Not Lewd, Passenger Takes It All Off For Airport Security, Faces Indecent Expsoure Charge (ABAJournal)

There's an App for That
iPhone App Aims to Program Your Dreams ("Inception" Anyone?) (CNNBlogs) (ABCNew) (FOXNews) (CNETNews)
App Lets Users Hail Taxi From Smartphone (USAToday)
Sony SmartWatch Could Use a Little More Time in Development (USAToday)

Ashley Walek Thronson is a law clerk at Gray Plant Mooty.

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