Friday, April 27, 2012

Week in Review

What would a Week in Review be without some Facebook controversy? No need to ponder that possibility too long, for this week brings us a whole variety of ways in which Facebook is getting people into trouble. In the working world, a Marine lost his job and benefits because he used Facebook as a forum to criticize his Commander in Chief. In Indiana, three eighth-grade girls got expelled for posting on Facebook which classmates they would like to kill.  In Georgia, two more middle schoolers are being sued for defamation as a result of their Facebook bullying. So remember, whether you are a Marine or teenager (or somewhere in between), you are accountable for what you put online.

Technology and the Workplace
 Oxnard Teacher, and Former Porn Star, Appealing School Board's Decision to Fire Her (LA Times) (IBTimes) (MSNBC)
Marines Discharge Sergeant for Anti-Obama Facebook Posts (CBSNews) (CNN)
Who Owns Your Stuff in the Google Drive Cloud? (LA Times)
How Your Social Medial Profile Could Make or Break Your Next Job Opportunity (Forbes)

Technology and the Law
3 Indiana Girls Expelled Over Facebook "Jokes" (ABCNews) (ABAJounral)
Victims of Cyberbullying Fight Back in Lawsuits (ABCNews) (ABAJournal)
As House Passes CISPA, the Fight is Just Beginning (Forbes)
Cellphone Firms Oppose CA Law to Make Police Cellphone Snooping Public (MSNBC)

There's an App for That
Swiss Scientists Demonstrate Mind-Controlled Robot (CBSNews)
How Much Would You Pay for a Self-Driving Car? (LA Times) (Forbes)
Skype Swaps Emoticons for Webcam Photos, or "Humoticons" (Forbes)
Get Ready for Indoor GPS that Tracks Your Every Step (MSNBC) 

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