Friday, May 4, 2012

Week in Review

Privacy is right on the tip of everyone's tongue again this week.  Delaware proposed its own Facebook privacy law for employers and employees that goes even further than Maryland’s recent legislation and  the law currently before Congress.  The FCC released its full report on concerns with Google's gathering of data for their Street View feature on Google maps.  A court in the Eastern District of Virginia ruled that a Facebook "like" is not protected under the First Amendment.  Finally, the New York Times described how users can cover up their searching habits on the web.
Technology and the Workplace
Delaware Proposes Facebook Privacy Law (Delaware Employment Law Blog)
SNOPA Bill Seeks to Keep Employers out of Private Social Networks (LA Times)
O'Malley to Sign Facebook Password Legislation (Washington Post)
Tablets Go to Work (Star Tribune)

Technology and the Law
Can "Friends" be Trade Secrets (Unfair Competition & Trade Secrets Counsel)
Is Facebook Like Protected Under the First Amendment: Court Says No (The Atlantic)
Oracle, Google Await Verdict in $1 Billion Dollar Smartphone Lawsuit (Fox News)

There's an App for That
LinkedIn Launches iPad App (Mashable)
Barnes & Noble Deal Shows Microsoft's Patent Power (Information Week)
Apps for Learning Languages (NY Times)

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