Friday, May 11, 2012

Week in Review

Tired of hearing about privacy?  Perhaps you should avoid the news for a little while longer, then, because this week the war over online privacy heated up when Congress decided to join the fight. On Wednesday, the Password Protection Act of 2012 was introduced in the US Senate.  It seeks to prohibit employers from coercing prospective and current employees to provide access to any secured information stored online or from retaliating against employees' refusals to do so. An identical bill is being debated in the House. A California bill with the same aims unanimously passed the Assembly on Thursday.

Technology and the Workplace
Democrats to Employers: Stop Asking for Facebook Password (CBS News)
CA Assembly Votes to Keep Facebook Passwords Private From Employers (LA Times)
How to Use Social Media Monitoring to Keep Tabs on Your Competition (Washington Post)
Make Status Reporting Easy and Searchable (CBS News)

Technology and the Law
IL Eavesdropping Law Can't Be Used to Stop Public Recordings of Cops, 7th Circuit Says (ABA Journal)
Twitter Fights Court Order for Users' Data (CNN)
Myspace Settles with FTC on Privacy Charges (CBS News)

There's an App for That
Facebook Launches an App Center (Washington Post)
Bing Makes Search More Social with Facebook and Twitter Results (ABC News) (LA Times)
Facebook Quietly Launches File Sharing  (LA Times)
Free Online Tool Makes Scheduling an Easy Task (CBS News)

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