Friday, June 8, 2012

Week in Review

While the powers of technology often spell trouble for employers and employees, they sure do make for interesting Weeks in Review. And this week is no different. Drag-queen Facebook photos, surreptitious surveillance, and anonymous emails all led to employee terminations this week. Perhaps the most noteworthy is the Oklahoma publisher who fired 25 employees over an anonymous, company-wide email that spoke of alleged outsourcing and mass layoffs. Not knowing the exact source of the email, the owner fired those he thought might be involved. To make matters more interesting, one of the fired employees recorded the termination meeting - prayer, insults, and all - and leaked it to the press. Curious?  Listen to it here.

Technology and the Workplace
Gay Coach Fired Over Facebook Photos with Drag Queens (LA Times)
Catholic University Employee Fired After Caught Filming Coworker Pumping Breast Milk (Mail Online)
OK Publisher Fires 25 Workers Over Anonymous Email, Employee Records the Rant (The Journal Record) (ABC)
New Website Offers Helping Hand on Retirement Savings (WSJ)

Technology and the Law
Millions of LinkedIn and eHarmony Passwords Stolen (CNN) (CBS)
Teen Gets Jail Time After Texting-While-Driving Crash (LA Times)
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Will Our Civil Liberties be Droned Out? (ABC)
Lawyers Warned About Perils of Unintentional Juror Contact During Online Research (ABA Journal)

There's an App for That
Rather Than Share Your Location, Foursquare Wants to Suggest One (NY Times) (LA Times)
StreetSafe App Offers Advice in Potentially Dangerous Situation, Silent Alarm that Calls 911 (NY Times)
Milk Gone Sour? There's an App for That (CNET)
Diet Goggles: Can Virtual Reality Glasses Help You Lose Weight? (LA Times)

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