Friday, July 6, 2012

Week in Review

As America turns another year older this week, the government, just like its citizens, struggle to keep up with technological change. While the Executive branch and its agencies are embracing the crime-fighting advantages technology has to offer, the other two branches are pushing back. Legislatures in Delaware and Pennsylvania are working to protect the privacy rights of their citizens by enacting new social media laws. In New York, a judge showed that social media sites are not above the law by ordering Twitter to turn over subpoenaed Tweets of an Occupy Wall Street protester. With the different branches disagreeing on where the line should be drawn between technology and the law, perhaps we are seeing separation of powers at its best. Just one more reason to celebrate America this patriotic season.

Technology and the Workplace
Resigned WI Principal Sent Flirty Emails to Employee (La Crosse Tribune)
Ex-Employee Fired After Reporting Receipt of Pornographic Emails is Now Suing For Wrongful Discharge (Tampa Bay Times)
Employees Fired For "Harassing" Facebook Post, NLRB Found Protected Concerted Activity (Slate)
Vacation? Leave Your Email at the Office (CBS)

Technology and the Law
TX Principal Accused of Planting Camera in Locker Room (ABC)
Student Social Media Privacy Bill Passes DE Legislature (LA Times)
Social Media Privacy Protection Act Pending in PA (Lawffice Space)
Twitter Must Turn Over Information on Protester's Posts (Bloomberg) (Atlantic Wire)
Is the U.S. Government Reading Email Without a Warrant? (MSNBC)

There's an App for That
Facebook Adds Same-Sex Marriage Status and Icons (ABC)
Hotel Replaces Printed Bibles with Kindles (CNN)
In Traffic? Next Time, Use an App (NTY)
Biological Clock Ticking? There's an App for That (Huffington Post)

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