Thursday, November 15, 2012

Week in Review

It seems General Petraeus isn't the only one whose digital footprint has betrayed him. A whole host of other individuals' online antics have landed them in hot water this week. Waffle House Chairman, Joe Rogers, Jr. is also facing a sex scandal. His former housekeeper has come forward with sex tapes which she alleges are proof that she was sexually harassed. Rogers denies the harassment and says that he is being blackmailed. A district court has ordered that the tapes be impounded -- for now.

In Kentucky, a couple of Walmart employees were fired based on an internet video of them throwing iPads around the stockroom. Reports are conflicting as to whether the employees were also prosecuted for the damage caused. Elsewhere in the country, a Minnesota high school girls' basketball coach was suspended for allegedly sending an inappropriate tweet directed at one of his students. The school didn't have a social media policy, but did have an acceptable-use policy for teacher-student interactions which the school claimed the tweet violated.

Technology and the Workplace
What the Petraeus Scandal Says About Digital Spying and Your Email (CNN)
Walmart Fires Employees Who Smashed iPads on Video (PC Mag) (NBC)
HoneyBaked Granted Social Media Discovery In EEOC Suit (Law 360)
Products Aim to Make Working in Bed More Comfortable (ABA Journal) (WSJ)
MN High School Girls' Basketball Coach Suspended for Lewd Tweet (Star Tribune)
Waffle House Chairman Sex Tapes Impounded by Court (ABC)

Technology and the Law
Man Jailed for Charging Cellphone in Park Area of City that Offers Free Charges for E-Cars (ABA Journal) (Herald Tribune)
Petraeus Probe Highlights Holes in Outdated Wiretapping Laws (Law 360)
Google: "Government Surveillance on the Rise" (CNN)
Obama Signs Security Cyber-Operations Guidelines (NBC)
Senate Fails Again to Advance Cybersecurity Bill (NBC)
Papa John's Faces $250M Spam Lawsuit (CNN)

There's an App for That
Facebook Launches Job Search App (CNN)
Cellphone's New Calling: Helping You Quit Smoking (NBC)
Holiday Shopping Essential: Black Friday Apps (Washington Post)
7 Travel Apps for Thanksgiving and Holiday Travel (Huffington Post)
Yapp: Make Your Own iPhone and Android App with an App (ABC)

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