Thursday, December 13, 2012

Week in Review

Do you have a lot of travel plans for this holiday season? Whether it is for work or play, new developments on the technology front may make your trip more enjoyable -- and productive too, if you'd like. The FAA is in the process of updating its policies on in-flight gadget use. With encouragement from the FCC and many frequent fliers, it is possible the FAA will expand when and what devices may be used during air travel.

If your trip involves leaving the country, you're likely to appreciate the more permissive policies, especially now that three of the United States' largest airlines will be offering Wi-Fi on their international flights. Prices for the internet access have yet to be determined, but will likely vary based on flight length and other factors.

If that flight happens to be taking you to London, you're in luck. London taxi cabs are now being turned into Wi-Fi hotspots, so you can continue that email -- or Netflix movie -- without ever missing a beat. With the help of the apps below, you may even be able to finish all of your holiday shopping, update your Christmas card list, and plan you holiday party, all before reaching your final destination.

Technology and the Workplace
Checking Facebook at Work Could Become Illegal (Tech Daily News) (ABA Journal)
FAA to Review Electronics Bans on Planes (CNN)
US Airlines Adding Internet to Overseas Flights (NBC)
London Taxi Cabs to Offer Free Wi-Fi (WSJ)
Bad Santa Fired From Mall Gig After Parents Complain on Facebook (Mashable) (Employer Handbook)
Advertising on LinkedIn: Your Guide for 2013 (Mashable)
Court: Stored Text Messages Aren't Protected (WSJ) (Law 360)

Technology and the Law
Sen. Franken's "Stalking Apps" Bill Scheduled for Vote (KSTP)
FBI, Facebook Take Down $850M Crime Ring (Tech News Daily)
911 Text Messaging Services Coming in 2014 (CNN)
Hackers Steal Data from Pentagon, NASA, Federal Reserve (Tech News Daily)
Police Push for Cell Phone Providers to Store Text Messages (WKRG News)
CA Sues Delta Air Lines Over Mobile App Privacy Policy (LA Times)

There's an App for That
New Address? Addappt Lets Friends Follow All Your Moves (WSJ)
New Spoil Me! App Helps Track Down the Perfect Gift (Yahoo)
Apps to Plan Your Party (Tech2)
Manage All Your Expenses With One Updated App (Mashable)
How to Give Apps for the Holidays (Tech News Daily)

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