Thursday, February 14, 2013

Week in Review

As they do with Valentine's Day, many people have a love-hate relationship with technology. They love it when it's good to them and hate it when it burns them.

This week, both individuals and companies alike felt some pain as the result of their love affair with technology. A Michigan nurse and a Washington barista both lost their jobs because of over-sharing on social media.  The nurse was fired for FMLA fraud after the hospital where she worked saw Facebook pictures of the Mexican vacation she took while still on leave. The barista was fired for using his blog as a forum to insult his customers and boss. On the company side of things, Instagram and Facebook have been feeling the heat from litigation. Instagram is still defending a breach of contract suit over the change in its user policies, and Facebook is being sued for patent infringement in connection with its "Like" button.

If you're relationship with your devices is successful but you need some help in the love department, check out the Valentine's Day apps below. Perhaps you'll end the day successful in love as well.

Technology and the Workplace
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Cyberloafing: Are you Surfing the Web at Work? (Today) (Kansas State University)
Proposed PA Legislation Would Make Online-Only Applications Unlawful (Lawffice Space)
Bitter Barista Blogs His Way Out of a Job By Smack Talking Customers, Boss (Seattle Times) (Employer Handbook)
10 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Social Media to Communicate with Employees (Huffington Post)

Technology and the Law
Teen Charged with Harassment Over Racist Tweet (NBC) (Above the Law)
Instagram Asks Court to Throw Out Lawsuit Over Service Terms (Huffington Post)
Facebook Sued Over "Like" Button (ABC) (Mashable)
Bedridden Man Uses Skype to Testify Against Wife (WSJ)
President Obama Issues Executive Order on Cybercrime (CNN) (NBC)

There's an App for That
Dating with Apps? Taking Your Love Life Mobile for the First Time (NBC)
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5 Dating Apps to Find Last-Minute Valentine's Love (Gizmodo)
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