Friday, February 22, 2013

Week in Review

We hear a lot about individuals' social media accounts getting hacked, but the events of this week remind us that company social media accounts are vulnerable as well. The Twitter accounts of both Burger King and Jeep were broken into and changed. Burger King's profile picture was changed to a McDonald's logo, and the account tweeted that McDonalds had bought Burger King. Jeep's account was changed to look like it was a page for Cadillac and to state that Jeep had been sold to Cadillac because it caught its employees doing pain medication in the bathroom. Both accounts appear to have been restored, but it's unlikely this is the last we'll hear of such hacks.

Technology and the Workplace
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Staples to Carry Apple Products, Employees' Tweets Say (LA Times)

Technology and the Law
Could Fake Profile on Dating Site be Illegal Under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act? (ABA Journal)
Police Reach Out to Dead Man's Mom on Facebook (CNN)
Couples Win Right to View Dead Child's Facebook Account (CBS)
Mom Ordered to Stop Posting on Kids' Facebook Pages, NY Supreme Court Upholds Decision (Huffington Post)
Proposed OH Law Would Officially Allow Snooping on Kids' Text Messages, Calls, and Emails (Slate)

There's an App for That
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