Friday, March 22, 2013

Week in Review

With more and more of our lives occurring online, it is often difficult to keep sensitive information private. This week, there are indications that this task is not likely to get easier anytime soon. There has been an uptick in hacking activity on many fronts. On the employment front, an ex-Reuters employee is facing federal charges for giving the hacking group "Anonymous" a username and password to access the company's system. If convicted, the employee could be imprisoned for up to 30 years and be fined up to $750,000. On the election front, a recent grand jury report shows that a Florida primary election was compromised by a computer program that rapidly and systematically sent bogus online requests for absentee ballots. The attack is leaving cybersecurity experts questioning the role technology should be playing in elections. Lastly, on the international front, a new war rulebook has been released. The book, called the Tallinn Manual, purports to set out the rules for state-sponsored hacking in time of war.

Technology and the Workplace
Journalist is Federally Charged With Helping Anonymous Hack Into Tribune Company Website (ABA Journal) (LA Times)
Court Decides LinkedIn Ownership Case and Finds for Plaintiff But Refuses to Show Her the Money (Employer Law Report) (Employment Matters)
Study: Your Social Media Policy Hits the Right Legal Issues, But... (Employer Handbook) (Protiviti)
"Bring Your Own Device" Can Trump Privacy Risks, EEOC Says (Law 360)
Houston Police Sergeant Demoted for Posting Racy Photos Online (FOX News Insider)

Technology and the Law
MN Makes License Plate Tracking Data Private (St. Cloud Times)
Brainerd Woman Loses Music Downloading Appeal, Says She Can't Pay (Duluth News Tribune)
New Manual Applies Traditional Rules of War to State-Sponsored Internet Hacking (ABA Journal) (WA Post)
Cyberattack on FL Election Raises Questions (CNN)
Activist Sues San Francisco PD After Warrantless Search of His Phone (ARS Technica)
Hacker Gets 3.5 Years for Stealing iPad Data from 120k Users (NBC)

There's an App for That
Quickly Zeroing in on New Places to Call Home With Zillow Real Estate (NY Times)
3 Apps for March Madness: Watch Games on the Go, Track Brackets (LA Times)
New Theft Tracker is Like LoJack and OnStar for Your Bike (Mashable)
5 Great RSS Reader Alternatives to Google Reader (Forbes)

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