Friday, April 19, 2013

Week in Review

I can invade your privacy; you just can’t invade mine. It seems like everyone wants to use the latest and greatest technology, but no one wants to suffer the consequences when that same technology is used in ways that harm their interests. Workers want to use social media to have their say about bad bosses, lousy customers, or unfair rules, but don’t like it when their employers see the results and react badly. Employers want to protect their businesses and customers from the comments of employees, but also want to use technology to catch employees engaging in all kinds of bad behavior. This tension is only going to get worse as social media transforms. It looks like the next thing employers will have to worry about is employees posting employment information on Vine, a social media site where individuals share six-second videos that continue to loop. Curious about what kind of things employees can get into a six-second video? Check out the link to the Connecticut Employment Blog post below for a number of interesting examples.

Technology and the Workplace
King & Spalding Blocks Employee Access to Personal Email Accounts, But Offers An Alternative (ABA Journal) (Above the Law)
Ex-Secretary's Defamation Suit Fails Against Law Firm Partner, Wife (NY Law Journal) (ABA Journal)
Instagram Post Lands DE Restaurant Manager in Hot Water (DE Employment Law Blog)
Workplace Issues Now Grow on "Vines," Why Employers Need a Policy More Than Ever (CT Employment Blog)
Minnesota Cops Check Out Lawyer's Private Info - 700 Times (Pioneer Press)

Technology and the Law
Seattle Jury Rejects Claim of Actress Who Sued Move Database for Revealing Her Real Age (Komo News)
FTC Calls on Online Ad Industry to Agree to Do-Not-Track Standard (LA Times)
Justice Department Backs Limits on Wireless Companies (NYT)
CISPA Permits Police to Do Warrantless Database Searches (CNET)
Obama Threatens Veto of CISPA Bill (LA Times)
House Approves CISPA, But Outlook in Senate is Unclear (CNET)

There's an App for That
Top 16 Security Tips for Smartphones (WI Lawyer)
Before Death, Google Helps You Get Your Affairs in Order (LA Times) (Slate)
Anti-Incest App Built By Iceland College Students (NBC) (Slate)
Safe Texting While Walking? There May Be An App For That (Mashable)
7 Mobile Apps to Help You Survive Tornado Season (CNN)

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