Thursday, June 20, 2013

Week in Review

Summer has finally arrived. While some are outdoors splashing in the lake or pool, there are others who prefer to spend their time making waves online. This week, for example, we bring your stories of a Wendy's employee who was fired after a picture of him drinking directly from a Frosty machine went viral, and a Welsh civil servant who received a 12 month promotion ban due to his "inappropriate comments" on social media. In Ohio, even the police are taking to Facebook, and one city police chief posted ridiculing comments about the city's lawbreakers. In Minnesota, Amazon caused a stir with its announcement that as of July 1st, it will be cutting ties with its online affiliates in the state. This comes on the heels of the new state law that requires online businesses with a physical presence or affiliates in Minnesota to charge state residents sales tax.

Technology and the Workplace
Working from Home? Boss May Still  Be Looking Over Your Shoulder (NBC)
Facebook Comments Get Civil Servant Banned from Promotion (The Guardian)
Wendy's Photo Scandal: Employee Fired After Drinking from Frosty Machine (The Inquisitr) (NY Daily News)
Court Orders Plaintiff-Employee to Produce Social Media Postings on Claimed Emotional Distress, Alternative Potential Stressors and More (Employer Law Report)

Technology and the Law
OH Police Chief Takes Criminals to Task Online (Tampa Bay Times) (ABA Journal)
Google Files First Amendment Court Case Against NSA Surveillance Secrecy (CNN)
Amazon Cuts Ties in MN Ahead of New Sales Tax (NPR) (Pioneer Press)
TX Becomes First State to Require Warrant for Email Snooping (ARS Technica)
School Iris-Scanned Students Without Telling Parents (CNET)

There's an App for That
Smartphone Tools Have Their Place in the Wild (NYT)
App of the Week: Trip Splitter (ABC)
Wanna Confess Your Sins? There's an App for That (FOX)
"Hell Is Other People" App Helps You Steer Clear of Your Awful "Friends" (Huffington Post)

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