Thursday, July 4, 2013

Week in Review

Whether your plans for the Fourth of July weekend involve working or celebrating, odds are, you'll be using technology of some sort. If your work involves employee recruitment, you may be part of the growing trend of using Facebook to search for new hires. If you live in the San Francisco Bay area, you may be using social media to follow the effects of the BART strike and plan accordingly. For those able to take time off, there are a number of new apps that may add convenience or provide entertainment to your leisure time. You can take better pictures of fireworks, read up on Fourth of July trivia, or book a restaurant table at a discount using Groupon Reserve. Whatever your plans entail, have a safe and enjoyable holiday.

Technology and the Workplace
Court Rules Inspector General Went Too Far in GPS Tracking Ex-Employee (NY Daily News)
The 6 Types of Facebook Posts Employers Don't Want to See (Huffington Post)
Who Would Recruit on Facebook? Try Pepsi, Gap, and Oracle... (Forbes)
The BART Strike in Pictures and Tweets (WSJ)

Technology and the Law
U.S. Police Go High Tech to Tackle Fourth of July Celebratory Gunfire (PC World)
Lawmakers "Disappointed" With Google's Response to Glass Privacy (Washington Post)
Judge Orders Confiscation of Traffic Cameras (ABA Journal) (Cincinnati Enquire)
FCC is Told Verizon Underpaid Data Refunds (NY Times)
Lawyer Who Used Hidden Video Cameras to Peep on Tenants Will Get Psychotherapy Rather Than Jail Time (ABA Journal) (Washington Post)

There's an App for That
Best Fourth of July Apps to Help You Celebrate Independence Day (BostInno)
An Aid to Scheduling Meetings Across Time Zones (CBS)
Southwest and DISH Team Up for Free In-Flight TV on Your iPad (Wired)
Groupon Takes on OpenTable With Restaurant Booking Service (WSJ)

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