Thursday, August 29, 2013

Week in Review

On Wednesday, crowds converged on the Lincoln Memorial and at other venues around the country and around the world to commemorate Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “Dream” speech, made during the 1963 March on Washington. In the fifty years since that famous speech, the way we experience moments that shape history has changed. We are no longer limited to radio, television, newspapers, and news magazines for accounts of important events. This week, people gathered and marched, but were also able to stream live video, tweet, and share their thoughts and images on other social media. This ability to communicate and participate anytime, from anywhere, is becoming central to our daily lives.  Companies are developing mobile app strategies, Facebook continues to grow its mobile members, courts are examining expanded liability for text message senders, and the government is testing contacting jury members via text message to alert them to report for service.

Technology and the Workplace
The Key Components of a Mobile App Strategy (Mashable)
Tech skills are the key to law students’ future employment, says ‘13 Legal Rebel Dan Katz (ABA)
3D Printing For Everyone: MakerBot Releases The Digitizer (Forbes)
Why It's Important To Herd The Social Media Sheep (Forbes)
5 Innovative Marketing Solutions That Can Help Your Business Grow (Forbes)

Technology and the Law
When do I report for jury duty? NJ offers text alerts for prospective jurors (ABA)
Senders of Texts to Drivers Can Be Held Liable, Court Rules (WSJ)
Cellphone users may opt out of robo-calls, court says in Dell ruling (LATimes)
Did you know Montana was a leader on privacy laws? Neither did Montana (WashPost)
Attacks like the one against the New York Times should put consumers on alert (WashPost)

There's an App for That
Facebook's mobile business triples (CNN)
App Curates YouTube Videos Based on Your Tastes (Mashable)
Productivity apps, get things done with these apps (LATimes)
At Google, apps to help discover (and conquer) the world around you (CNN)
App of the Week: Immersion (ABC)

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