Thursday, September 12, 2013

Week in Review

This week, people around the world remembered the anniversary of 9/11, and President Obama continued to contemplate actions against Syria. Even passive users who may not read the newspaper experienced these events through technology and through hashtags like #neverforget or #syria. Also this week, in the midst of somber news and remembrance, a distraction emerged in the form of two new iPhones featuring new colors and fingerprint identification technology. For every new form of technology, however, there is also a spate of new lawsuits. This week, for example, a U.S. district court denied Google’s motion to dismiss a class-action lawsuit in which the plaintiffs argued that Google Street View violates the Wiretap Act. Samsung also continued to face patent disputes, Yahoo filed a lawsuit against the NSA, and the FTC and Verizon appeared before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia to argue about access and regulation of the internet.

Technology and the Workplace
Waitress suspended for posting racist customer receipt on Facebook (Employer Handbook)
Delaware Ct. Finds No Privilege for Email Sent from Work Account (Delaware Employment Blog)
Dean Apologizes for Censoring Professor’s NSA Blog Post (WSJ)
NLRB Smacks Hand of Employer Over Facebook Firing (Delaware Employment Blog)
Google+ rolls out features to help publishers build Web audience (LATimes)

Technology and the Law
Privacy class action regarding Google Street View can go forward, 9th Circuit says (ABA)
NSA ‘systematically violated’ safeguards for phone surveillance program, declassified opinion says (ABA)
Yahoo files lawsuit against NSA over user data requests (Guardian)
Smartphones Again Center Stage in Key Patent Case (WSJ)
Judges Hear Arguments on Rules for Internet (NYTimes)

There's an App for That
26 Beautiful 9/11 Memorial Instagram Images From NYC (Mashable)
Apple update: Here's how Apple's iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C work (LATimes)
5 Apps to Map Your Bike Route (Mashable)
Start-up Spotlight: Storage app Clutter wants to clean up your life (LATimes)
New Alarm App Will Shake You Out of Bed (Mashable)

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