Friday, November 1, 2013

Week in Review

In the last few years, driving safety initiatives have focused on the dangers of texting while driving. With the rapid evolution of technology, however, new dangers seem to be emerging all the time. Someone received a citation for driving while wearing Google glasses. It’s anyone’s guess what may be next.  Twitter was also front and center this week. The company introduced a new photo preview in its Twitter feeds, Starbucks created gift cards that can be sent via Twitter, and two companies sued Twitter for over $100 million dollars for allegedly hiring them under false pretenses to promote the sale of Twitter stock.

Technology and the Workplace
Facebook photo gets female employee fired  (Employer Handbook)
Online Reputation: New Methods Emerge For Quashing Fake, Defamatory Reviews (Forbes)
Your Employees Are (Still) Stealing Your Data (Delaware Employment)
7 Interactive Resumes That Shame Your Paper Version (Mashable) Has Built What Every Tech Company Wants: A Pipeline Of Top Talent (Forbes)

Technology and the Law
Wearing Google Glass and Driving: The Next Traffic Violation? (WSJ)
Twitter sued over private stock sale prior to IPO (NBC)
Facebook Post Leads to Police Complaint, Leads to Termination (Delaware Employment)
Google and Yahoo furious over reports that NSA secretly intercepts data links (Guardian)
Adobe: Hacker attack much bigger than previously disclosed (NBC)

There's an App for That
How to Turn Off Twitter's New Photo Preview Feature (Mashable)
Starbucks offers Twitter gift cards (CNN)
The Long List Of Health Apps Features Few Clear Winners (NPR)
Google Plus Aims to Become a Photo Storage and Editing Hub (NYTimes)
Seecrypt encrypted messaging app coming to BlackBerry, Windows Phone (LATimes)

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