Thursday, November 21, 2013

Week in Review

As turkeys and pumpkin pie ingredients fill grocery carts across America, employee privacy issues fill the workplace.  A recent survey shows that younger employees, ages 18 to 25, are more concerned about their privacy in the workplace than their older counterparts.  Meanwhile, some employers are beginning to use surveillance cameras in the workplace to improve safety and efficiency, the way coaches use game film to improve their sports teams’ performance.  But, back to Thanksgiving.  In the holiday spirit, we’re providing you information about apps to help you stuff your turkey and then, once you're stuffed, to get the best deals on your holiday shopping.

Technology and the Workplace
NLRB ok's firing of two employees who trashed their company on Facebook (The Employer Handbook)
US Army to Track Employees' Web Activity to Thwart Future Snowdens (Mashable)
What the Internet Of Things Will Bring to the Workplace (Wired)
Is 'Big Brother' Watching You? (Bloomberg)
The Human Hack: How to Fight an Internet Risk Technology Can't Fix (Bloomberg)
Shocker: Young employees are more concerned about online privacy than you thought (Venture Beat)

Technology and the Law
'Granny cam' law aimed at curbing nursing-home abuse takes effect in Oklahoma (ABA Journal)
Social media maven sues TV network, says it stole 6.78M Facebook 'likes' from her page on 'The Game' (ABA Journal)
Phone Law Makes Deficit Cuts A Little Harder (WSJ)
Law limiting autodial cellphone calls spurs 'litigation boom' (ABA Journal)
Appeals Court Revives Apple Bid for Ban on Samsung Devices (WSJ)
'Kill switch' to prevent phone theft rejected in US (Telegraph)
Supreme Court Rejects NSA Phone Surveillance Challenge (Mashable)

There's an App for That
7 Deal Aggregators for Holiday Shoppers (Mashable)
7 Thanksgiving Apps for the Ultimate Holiday Feast (abc)
Top 10 Apps To Get You Through A Successful Thanksgiving Holiday (Forbes)
The 8 best apps for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas shopping (Venture Beat)
7 Apps That Will Make Holiday Shopping A Breeze (Business Insider)

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