Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Week in Review

Social media and technology seem to be doing more harm than good in the workplace this week. A new study suggests that some employers may be using Facebook profiles to discriminate against job applicants based on legally protected information. Other employers have expressed concern about employees' overuse of social medial during the work day. The challenges also extend beyond the workplace walls. For example, employees who are non-exempt under wage and hour laws can bring lawsuits for minimum wage or overtime compensation if not properly paid for work done outside of the office on mobile devices. 
On a more positive note, during the busiest travel week of the year, airlines and travel apps are making travel more convenient. Multiple airlines now allow the use of electronics during take-off and landing following the Federal Aviation Administration’s revision of its rules earlier this month. Meanwhile, the Los Alamos National Laboratory announced a breakthrough in screening liquids at airport security, which could lead to additional regulatory changes. We also have links below  to apps that will make your holiday travel a bit smoother. Fly, drive, and surf safely.

Technology and the Workplace
Some employers use Facebook to discriminate against job applicants, study suggests (ABA Journal) (WSJ)
How Employers Can Deal with the Most Outrageous Excuses for FMLA Leave (FMLA Insights)
Risk not so remote: overtime for working on mobile devices (Technology for HR)
"My Employee is on Facebook Four Hours a Day. What Do I Do?" (Connecticut Employment Law Blog)
Massachusetts Judge Rules that Updating LinkedIn Does Not Constitute Solicitation (Trading Secrets)

Technology and the Law
Embracing big brother: How facial recognition could help fight crime (CNN)
Microsoft blocks censorship of Skype in China: advocacy group (NBC)
Dangerous or harmless? New technology could alter airport security rules on liquids (NBC)
The Airlines That Let You Use Electronics During Take-Off and Landing (Forbes)
Jury Tells Samsung to Pay Apple $290 Million (NY Times)
Online Health Law Sign-Up Is Delayed for Small Business (NY Times)

There's an App for That
Tech toys and tools ease holiday travel (USA Today)
Google maps airports, train and subway stations with Street View update (Computerworld)
5 Best Business Travel Apps of 2013 (Forbes)
Hassled by TSA? App lets you file a complaint on the spot (CNBC)
HelloWallet: An Easier Way to Save Money (Mashable)
Better Than a Bic? Guide to Digital Pens (abc)

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