Thursday, December 12, 2013

Week in Review

Your company holiday party can be added to the list of things impacted by technology. In addition to the risk of alcohol-induced harassment, injuries, or property damage, employers should be mindful that technology and mobile devices permit employees to easily broadcast holiday party activities through social media. Of course, company parties are not the only thing changed by technology in the workplace. Technology has also transformed workplace communication, and, to make this a positive change, employees must use the right technology in the right ways. Outside the workplace, technology is even transforming the way we find holiday light displays by allowing us to use apps to locate the best holiday lights.

Technology and the Workplace
Hey, Your Company Gathering Is on Facebook! (TLNT)
Facebook Posts by Police Officer Not Protected by the 1st Amendment (Delaware Employment Law Blog)
How Technology Has Changed Workplace Communication (Forbes)
How Your IT Workers Are Putting Your Company at Risk (Mashable)
The Path to Happy Employment, Contact by Contact on LinkedIn (NY Times)
BYOD Policy and Best Practices for When Employees Leave (i-Sight Blog)

Technology and the Law
SCOTUS to review standard for software patents (ABA Journal)
Police Made 1.1 Million Data Requests to Cellphone Carriers in 2012 (Mashable)
Bitcoin Fraud Stays Ahead of Bitcoin Law (NY Times)
YouTube Unleashes Strange Storm Of Copyright Claims On Video Game Content Producers (Forbes)
Sarah Jones case: Internet giants urge Fed court to set aside decision (CBS)

There's an App for That
'12 Days of Gifts' Will Get You Free Apps, Songs and Music from Apple (abc)
An App to Find Holiday Light Displays (NY Times)
AskMD Is a Health Dashboard For Your iPhone (Mashable)
An App That Will Never Forget a File (NY Times)
When You See An Outfit You Want, Style-Eyes Will Help Your Smartphone Find It Online (Forbes)

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