Thursday, December 19, 2013

Week in Review

The holiday season is a time for reflection, including reflection on our technology habits. Many individuals are aiming to be truly home for the Christmas holiday by engaging in digital detox plans and setting their smartphones and other mobile devices aside to spend time with family and friends. Disconnecting from workplace technology during non-work hours is also becoming a trend at other times of the year, and many employers are encouraging this trend. Another take-away from this holiday season may be to reflect on what your shopping habits can teach you about hiring, including things like “making a list, checking it twice” and incorporating technology into the process. In addition, when you aren’t engaging in a digital detox, you might check out the holiday app links below.

We’re hopping on the “digital detox” bandwagon this year, and we won’t be posting next week. We wish everyone a very happy and peaceful holiday season, and we’ll be back posting again after the holiday!

Technology and the Workplace
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What Millennials And Older Workers Can Teach Each Other (Forbes)
Disconnecting From Work: A New Trend (MN Labor & Employment)
To Flex, or not to Flex - Top Issues Related to Flexible Workplace Arrangements (Employment Law Lookout)
Email is not always best (Tech for HR)

Technology and the Law
Judge: NSA domestic phone data-mining unconstitutional (CNN)
England and Wales Crack Down on Googling Jurors; U.S. Not So Much (WSJ)
2 Charged in UK for Twitter Threats (Mashable)
Mobile carriers and FCC reach deal to allow smartphone unlocking (LA Times)
Tech companies call for 'aggressive' NSA reforms at White House meeting (Guardian)

There's an App for That
Unplug for the Holidays With These 5 Digital Detox Plans (Mashable)
Top 10 apps to save Christmas (Telegraph)
Turn Smartphones and Tablets Into Helpful Elves (NY Times)
The top 10 tech gadgets of 2013 (LA Times)
Top Business Executives Name Their 10 Must-Have Mobile Apps (Forbes)

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