Thursday, January 23, 2014

Week in Review

Anything you say on Facebook can and often will be used against you in a court of law. Technology has not only changed the workplace; it has also changed employment lawsuits. We've provided a link below to an article discussing how data from smartphones and social media can take center stage in a workplace harassment lawsuit and methods for mitigating legal risks. You can also read on below about how electronic metadata drastically impacted a non-compete case. Speaking of technology having a drastic impact, there's also a link below to an app designed to help you fight for immigration reform.
Technology and the Workplace
Smartphones, Social Media and Sexual Harassment (Employment Law Lookout)
How Metadata Changed the Outcome of a Complex Employment Case (L&E Blog)
'Charge rage': Too many electric cars, not enough workplace chargers (San Jose Mercury News)
Study: Millenials prefer workplace setting over telecommuting (KSDK)
Keeping FDA Up-to-Date on Your Drug Company's Social Media Activity (Life Sciences Legal Update)

Technology and the Law
Supreme Court to decide case on police cellphone searches (Washington Post)
Survey: Cloud Technology in Business of Law Poised for Dramatic Adoption (Market Watch)
Judge approves forfeiture of more than 25M in Bitcoins (ABA Journal)
Telephone Consumer Protection Act Issues to Watch in 2014 (Focus on Regulation)
Feds: Thieves with Bluetooth-enabled data skimmers stole over $2 million (ars technica)

There's an App for That
Immigration reform? There's an app for that (CNN Money)
Google developing contact lenses for diabetics to monitor glucose (LA Times)
Hate Parking Tickets? Fixed Fights Them In Court For You (Tech Crunch)
MeMini Is a Wearable Camera That Captures Moments After They Happen (Mashable)
Trove Is a Treasure for News Junkies (NY Times)

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