Friday, March 21, 2014

Week in Review

Overtime pay is a big theme this week following President Obama’s directive that the U.S. Department of Labor work to update the existing federal regulations on overtime pay. The most prominent change that is expected is an increase in the $455 minimum weekly salary that must be paid for an employee to be exempt from overtime pay requirements under federal wage and hour law.  Before any overtime pay change can be finalized, the Department of Labor must complete a rule making process that could take a year or longer.  Speaking of overtime, March Madness has begun once again.  Check out the links below to articles about how the tournament may impact your workplace and the links to the best apps for following the “madness.”

Technology and the Workplace
Working (More Than) 9-to-5: President Obama Seeks to Expand Overtime Pay Protections Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (Employment Matters)
Does  March Madness = Workplace Madness? (Employment Matters) (Employer Law Report)
5 Employment Law Considerations in "The Cloud" (Technology Company Counselor)
Watch Those Tweets: The EEOC Looks at Social Media (WSJ At Work)
Background Check Documentation (Printed and Online) Under Renewed Scrutiny (Connecticut Employment Law Blog)

Technology and the Law
Report says California targeted by cyber-gangs (
Big Data - Do You Have a Right to Know Your Data? (Internet, IT & e-Discovery Blog)
A 10-Point Plan to Keep the NSA Out of Our Data (Wired)
Another government agency is eyeing your telephone data. And it's not the NSA (Washington Post)
U.S. Pulls Out Of ICANN - What Does That Spell For Internet Users? (NPR)

There's an App for That
5 March Madness Apps: Yeah Baby! (InformationWeek)
Can an app help you ditch your reading glasses? (CBS)
Apps aid fashionistas in tracking down desired clothing, shoes (Reuters)
Can You Trust 'Secure' Messaging Apps? (NY Times Bits)
Microsoft to unveil Office for iPad Next Week, report says (LA Times)

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