Thursday, April 3, 2014

Week in Review

Not all technology-based changes in the workplace involve social media and smartphones. This week's headlines and blog posts highlight other ways in which technology is changing the way we work.  For example, employers are currently facing the decision of how to approach e-cigarettes in the workplace, and some employers are skipping the booth-filled convention centers and instead opting for virtual career fairs to find top candidates.  We also have linked to an article below about employees who put your cybersecurity at risk and how to deal with them.  Finally, learn how to craft email subject lines that will grab the attention of your busy colleagues and customers.

Technology and the Workplace
In The Haze of E-Cigarette Popularity and Regulation, What's an Employer to Do? (Employment Law Lookout)
So Long, Interview Suit: Here Comes the Virtual Career Fair (WSJ)
4 types of employees who put your cybersecurity at risk (ABA Journal)
The New Science of Email Subject Lines (WSJ)
Employer Access to Employee Social Media: Applicant Screening, 'Friend' Requests and Workplace Investigations (Socially Aware)

Technology and the Law
U.S. Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against Chinese Search Engine (NY Times)
EU Parliament votes to end roaming, protect 'net neutrality' (Reuters)
Did law enforcement comment online about grand jury matter? Judge orders newspaper to reveal ID info (ABA Journal)
Turkey to Unblock Twitter (Mashable)
Apple v. Samsung Trial: 5 Things You Need to Know (Mashable)
U.S. Courts' Evolving Approaches to Social Media E-Discovery (Socially Aware)

There's an App for That
The 10 Most Popular Smartphone Apps in the U.S. (Mashable)
Text Smarter With This All-Knowing App (Wired)
Samsung launches "Smart Home" Android app and two compatible appliances (ars technica)
Amazon unveils video-streaming device Fire TV (CBS)
Microsoft Offers Windows for Free on Phones and Small Tablets (NBC)

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