Friday, April 11, 2014

Week in Review

With technological innovations appearing daily in the workplace, employers must continually evaluate how best to proactively prepare for and respond to these changes. As you do your planning, you might want to check out the article below on how companies can learn from Google's example when it comes to humanizing technology in the workplace. This week's headlines also discuss wearable technology and how businesses can prepare for this new workplace phenomenon, including by revising their BYOD policies. 

Technology and the Workplace
How Google Humanizes Technology in the Workplace and You Can, Too (Fast Company)
At Google, Bid to Put Its Glasses to Work (NY Times)
How To Prepare Your Business For Wearable Technology (Forbes)
Laptops on ward rounds 'could save doctors an hour a day (Health Service Journal)
Covert Cellular: Enough Protection for Trade Secrets? (Trading Secrets)

Technology and the Law
EU court ruling boosts privacy rights of citizens (
U.S. Says It Tried to Build a Social Media Site in Cuba, but Failed (NY Times)
Who Owns Data 8: Trouble With Linkedin's Lawsuit (HR Examiner)
New Regulatory Guidance on Use of Social Media by Investment Advisers (Socially Aware)
Viral video of laptop being stolen from coffee shop leads to arrest of suspect (ABA Journal)
Attendees' smartphones cause courtroom chaos at latest Apple-Samsung patent trial (ABA Journal)

There's an App for That
8 Personal Fitness Tools to Get You Ready for Beach Season (Mashable)
Hand On With Carousel: Dropbox's New Photo-Organization App (Mashable)
Washio App Aims to be Uber for Laundry (NBC)
Want to Message on Facebook? Soon You'll Need a Separate App (NBC)
Billionaire Mark Cuban Launched A New App Described As 'WhatsApp Meets Snapchat' (Business Insider)

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