Thursday, May 22, 2014

Week in Review

It seems that society may be overdosing on public sharing through social media platforms.  According to this week's headlines, the use of social login services has peaked, the controversial, anonymous app “Secret” is gaining users, and functional fashion that can disable your gadgets is expanding.  Speaking of oversharing, we are approaching the long Memorial holiday weekend which means lots of time spent with family and friends.  Whether you choose to share in person, through social media, or anonymously, have a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend!

Technology and the Workplace
Too Much Information?  Facebook, Google Face Backlash Over Logins (WSJ)
Why Anti-Tech Is in Style - Literally (Yahoo)
Online Grocery Start-Up Takes Page From Sharing Services (NY Times)
Data Point:  Yes, Email Still Eats Up a Good Chunk of Your Day (WSJ)
Employers, If You Fire for a Facebook Post, Please, Get a Copy of It First! (Delaware Employment Law Blog)

Technology and the Law
eBay hacked, requests all users change passwords (CNET)
FCC chair:  An Internet fast land would be 'commercially unreasonable' (Washington Post)
California Urges Websites to Disclose Online Tracking (NY Times)
Airbnb to hand over user data to New York attorney general (CNN)
Apple sued over iMessages that fail to reach ex-iPhone user (The Guardian)

There's an App for That
Secret, the anonymous social app, launches on Android (LA Times)
A New Effort to Get Apps Working Underground (WSJ)
Ever Text the Wrong Person?  Apple Might Have a Fix (Yahoo)
What Television Will Look Like in 2025, According to Netflix (WIRED)
New app helps you find lookalike for Fido (CNN)

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