Thursday, June 5, 2014

Week in Review

For months, the discussion about cryptocurrency - primarily "Bitcoin" - has steadily increased in technology news. This week, Dish Network became the largest company to accept Bitcoin payments, following Tesla, Virgin America, and Click the link below to read about how legislators and regulators are working to find a way both to classify and regulate this bold new world of virtual currency. Also, if trying to understand cryptocurrency makes your head hurt as much as mine, check out the link below to the high-tech headband that de-stresses your brain. At the retail price of $299, this is a bargain if it declutters your brain and calms your mind as promised.

Technology and the Workplace
Dish's move to accept bitcoin seen as effective marketing maneuver (LA Times)
Have We Reached The End Of The Line For The Conference Call? (NPR)
With New Overnight Delivery, Google Confirms It Wants to Be Amazon (WIRED)
Automating Cybersecurity (NYTimes)
Skip the Website?  Some Small Businesses Still Do (ABC News)

Technology and the Law
Meet the people trying to make Bitcoin happen in Washington (Yahoo)
Bitcoin could be used to hide assets in divorces, warn lawyers (CNBC)
Google Offers New Encryption Tool (NYTimes)
Woman who got $50 dog-park ticket for Facebook post says cops were barking up the wrong tree (ABA Journal)
Employment at-will trumps the 2nd Amendment (Yes, you can fire the employee who shoots a gun at work) (The Employer Handbook blog)

There's an App for That
The High-Tech Headband That Can Make Your Stressed Brain Happy Again (Forbes)
Hologram Projectors:  Coming Soon to a Smartphone Near You (Mashable)
An Elegant App That Makes It Simple to Schedule Meetings and Events (WIRED)
You Will Soon Be Able to Eject Yourself from Annoying Group Messages on iPhone (Yahoo)
Get ready for car software updates (CNN)

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