Monday, July 7, 2014

Week in Review

We hope you had a happy 4th of July weekend!  Last week’s news included more employees making headlines for their misuse of social media.  The links below highlight three cases in which employees’ social media activity or misuse of company computers led to a loss of employment or litigation.  For other recent headlines on the same topic, check out this link to our Week in Review from a few weeks back.  These news stories are great reminders of why all employers should have a robust social media and computer usage policy in place.  So, as you’re digging back into your work post-holiday, consider whether revamping your company policy should be on your “to do” list.

Technology and the Workplace
Federal court finds employer may be liable under the ADA for employee's snarky Facebook comments about another employee's medical condition (Employer Law Report)
Court holds employers not liable for employee defamatory online speech made using employer computers.  Plaintiffs can't take the money and run! (Employer Law Report)
Facebook Post Means No Unemployment Benefits for Nurse (Delaware Employment Law Blog)
China:  Cult following for police blogger (BBC News)
More Employers Not Hiring Due to What They Find on Social Media (TLNT)

Technology and the Law
Online Security Is a Total Pain, But That May Soon Change (WIRED)
Tinder Is Target of Sexual Harassment Lawsuit (NYTimes)
Facebook Lawyer:  That Emotion-Manipulation Study Was About Customer Service (The Atlantic)
Burglar Succumbs to Facebook Addiction (Lowering the Bar)
Could government employees' personal email accounts be subject to open records law? (ABA Journal)

There's an App for That
Could Color Wheels Make for Easier, More Secure Passwords? (WIRED)
Siri May Get a Whole Lot Smarter, Very Soon (Mashable)
BlaBlaCar, a Ride-Sharing Start-Up in Europe, Looks to Expand Its Map (NYTimes)
Apple expands CarPlay to nine more automakers (LA Times)
It Takes 155 Million Hot Dogs and 15,000 Fireworks to Celebrate the Fourth of July (Mashable)

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